library(tidyverse)       # Tidyverse for Tidy Data

Shapefiles as sf

Repeating steps from the previous section, using the tigris package, get Census Tiger shapefiles for census geographies.

us_geo <- tigris::states(class = "sf")

Get BLS data

As mentioned before, the data are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These data are stored in an excel file in the data directory of the repository: data/OES_Report.xlsx.

Again, from the previous section you will see how these data were gathered, loaded, transformed, and joined.

Salary4Helpers <- 
             col_types = c("text", "numeric"), 
             skip = 4)


Wrangle the data

As before…

BlsWage_ToJoin <- Salary4Helpers %>% 
  rename(Area = "Area Name") %>% 
  rename(wages = "Annual mean wage(2)") %>% 
  mutate(State = gsub("\\(\\d{7}\\)", "", Area)) %>% 
  filter(wages != "NA_character_") %>% 
  select(State, wages)

Append data

As before, using the append_data() function of the tmaptools package, append BLS data to the previously loaded shape object

HelperShapeObject <- us_geo %>% 
            by = c("NAME" = "State"))

Contiguous 48 states

As before, filter to only the contiguous 48 states + D.C.

contiguous_states <- HelperShapeObject %>% 
  filter(REGION != 9) %>% 
  filter(STUSPS != "AK") %>% 
  filter(STUSPS != "HI")


Using the USA_Contiguous_Albers_Equal_Area_Conic_USGS_version projection for the continental US. EPSG:5070

contiguous_states %>% 
  st_transform(5070) %>% 
  tm_shape() +
  tm_polygons("wages", id = "Name")

ggplot2 with geom_sf and viridis

In this section we introduce making shapefiles with ggplot2. ggplot2 is one of the more popular and broadly distributed graphics packages used in the R community. I also reveresed the direction of the color scale. After consulting with my visualization colleagues it seems this may have been a non-standard action on my part. But I leave the direction argument here for the curious.

contiguous_states %>% 
  ggplot(aes(fill = wages, color = wages)) +
  geom_sf() +
  coord_sf(crs = 5070) +
  scale_fill_viridis(option = "viridis", direction = -1) + 
  scale_color_viridis(option = "viridis", direction = -1)

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