Code for Hands-on Workshop – Spring 2019


These learning and quick-reference resource pages support the face-to-face workshop, Mapping with R, offered via the Data & Visualization Services Department, Duke University Libraries. The exercises and workshop are designed to help you learn georeferencing, make a choropleth with USA census data via the tidycensus package, and briefly introducing the sf package, simple features.

During the Workshop we introduce

Workshop Resource Page

  1. Georeferencing, Plotting XY latitude & longitude: with interactive mapview maps and saving static maps.

  2. Choropleths with tidycensus

  3. Thematic Mapping with ggplot2, geom_sf, tigris, and viridis. Additionally we show faceting mapping, and saving map images and files. We also introduce tmap a full featured thematic mapping package.

Hands-on Exercises

Supporting Materials


KXCD. 2016 Election Map:

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