Code for Hands-on Workshop – Fall 2018


These learning and quick-reference resource pages support the face-to-face workshop, Mapping with R, offered via the Data & Visualization Services Department, Duke University Libraries. The exercises and workshop are designed to help you learn georeferencing, make a choropleth with USA census data via the tidycensus package, and briefly introducing the simple features for R package. The introduction of these very useful R packages and some very basic concepts will give you enough information to make your own customized thematic maps.

During the Workshop we introduce

Workshop Resource Page

  1. Georeferencing, Plotting XY latitude & longitude: with interactive leaflet maps, with static ggplot maps

  2. Choropleths with tidycensus

  3. Thematic Mapping with tmap, geom_sf, tigris, and viridis. Plus, saving map images and files.

Hands-on Exercises

Supporting Materials


KXCD. 2016 Election Map:

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