Please note: These exercises assume you have downloaded the mapping-with-R repository to your local installation of RStudio and are running this as a unique project within RStudio. You should also download the practice code repository – find that link on the main page of this guide.


  1. Georeference XY coordinates. In your RStudio editor, open the `exercise-1_xy.Rmd file. Plot XY (latitude/longitude) coordinates.

  2. Choropleths with tidycensus. Open exercise-2_tidycensus.Rmd. Plot a new variable and shade that variable by county.

  3. Simple Features. Open exercise-3_thematic-map_with_federal_data.Rmd. Make a choropleth of the data using either ggplot2, tmap, or leaflet. Use the knowledge you gained in the Thematic Mapping module on this site.


Answers can also be found in the practice code repository.

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